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The death of a loved one can be one of the hardest things that happens in an individual's life. Unanswered questions about how to properly deal with the unfinished business of a family member often come at a time when emotions are raw and overwhelming. While support from family and friends are crucial to helping someone get through the heartache and emotional turmoil from the loss, trying to make sense of legal processes can be quite a challenge, which can cause procrastination, which can cause unintended and negative consequences.

Concerns about what might happen when we pass on, and what affect that would have on those we cherish can also happen while we’re still living. While nobody enjoys contemplating their own mortality, steps can be taken while a person in alive to reduce, or possibly even eliminate, any burden on their family and partners after death. With the execution of precise estate instruments, plans can be made, assets can be protected, and peace of mind can be given to you and those you care about the most.

Slone & Vrablik has been trusted by individuals and families to make plans for the inevitable, and help those left behind to navigate the probate process. We can consult with and advise on wills, trusts, advance medical directives, and other options for the future. For those who have recently lost family members, we provide assistance with opening, administering and closing the estates of departed loved ones with compassion and sincerity. To be trusted with matters such as these is a privilege, and helping to remove the burden of probate paperwork from grieving family is some of the most rewarding and fulfilling work we do.

If you find yourself in need of estate planning or probate services, we at Slone & Vrablik would be honored to work with you.
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